Noam Finkelstein


I am a PhD candidate in the department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, where I work on partial identification problems in causal inference and am fortunate to be advised by Ilya Shpitser. In January 2022 I will start a post-doc position in Ashley Laughney's lab at Weill Cornell Medicine to work on understanding cancer metastasis.

I live in rural Vermont with my wife Paige, our son, and our 12 year old pup Shadow.


My thesis research has been on developing a theoretical basis for causal inference in difficult settings involving missingness, measurement error, and other issues. My plans for future research involve applying this and other theory to the task of understanding the biological mechanisms of cancer progression.


  • Bounds and Sensitivity Analysis in the Front-Door Model with Mediator-Outcome Confounding
    Noam Finkelstein, Ilya Shpitser

  • ε-sharp Bounds on Causal Parameters with Discrete Data
    Guilherme Duarte, Noam Finkelstein, Dean Knox, Jonathan Mummolo, Ilya Shpitser
    (Author order alphabetical by last name)

  • Causal Compatibility in Discrete Latent Variable DAGs through Polynomial Satisfiability
    Noam Finkelstein, Elie Wolfe, Ilya Shpitser

  • The Parametric Simplex Algorithm
    Noam Finkelstein, Amitabh Basu

  • Using Machine Learning for Early Prediction of Cardiogenic Shock in Patients with Acute Heart Failure
    Under Review
    Faisal Rahman, Noam Finkelstein, Anton Alyakin, Nisha Gilotra, Jeff Trost, Steven Schulman, Suchi Saria

  • Partial Identification in Discrete Data with Measurement Error
    UAI 2021
    Noam Finkelsteinº, Roy Adamsº, Suchi Saria, Ilya Shpitser

  • Entropic Inequality Constraints from e-separation Relations in Latent Variable DAGs
    UAI 2021
    Noam Finkelstein, Beata Zjawin, Elie Wolfe, Robert Spekkens, Ilya Shpitser

  • Deriving Bounds and Inequality Constraints through Logical Implications
    UAI 2020
    Noam Finkelstein and Ilya Shpitser
º denotes equal constribution