Executables for computing/comparing the Spherical Harmonic Representations of 3D models

This page provides executables for computing the rotation invariant spherical harmonic representations of 3D models. Binaries are provided supporting the computation/comparison of signatures for 3D models represented in .ply format. These binaries are provided compiled under Windows and compiled under LINUX.

For each operating system two executables are provided:

  1. getSig/getSig.exe computes the signature of a 3D model.
    The executable can be invoked as:
           getSig <Input_3D_Model.ply> <Output_Signature>
    reading in a 3D model in .ply format and writing out the signature to the specified file.
  2. cmpSig/cmpSig.exe compares two signatures.
    The executable can be invoked as:
           cmpSig <Input_Signature_1> <Input_Signature_2>
    giving the distance between the two signatures as a value in the range [0.0,2.0], with smaller values corresponding to models that are more similar.

References can be found at Michael Kazhdan's home page.
An implementation can be found at the Princeton Search Engine's home page.