Survey of Methods in Computer Graphics

The goal of this course is to survey the state-of-the-art methods for reconstructing surfaces in 3D from input 3D point sets, with a particular focus on methods using computational geometry, local function fitting, and global function fitting. Weekly readings will be assigned, and students will be expected to prepare and present to the rest of the class.

General Breakdown
This course will be broken up into three separate areas. First, we will consider surface reconstruction techniques that leverage tools from the domain of computational geometry in order to compute a triangulation of the input point set. Next, we will consider local implicit methods, focusing on providing locally-weighted estimations of the surface. Finally, we will consider the class of global implicit function fitting techniques, which generate an output by solving a global linear system to fit an implicit function to the input data.

Student Responsibilities
Students will be regularly assigned papers to read in the area of surface reconstruction, and two students each week will present papers to the seminar. In addition, all students will be expected to submit a short summary of the readings at the beginning of each class. (The review form can be found here.)
Finally, towards the end of the summer, the entire class will consolidate the semester's material by jointly writing a term paper summarizing the methods, analyzing their benefits, and identifying directions for future research in the area.

Date Subject Presenter Reading Misc
9/11/13 Introduction / Alpha Shapes Kazhdan / Kazhdan (slides) Edelsbrunner and Mucke, 1994 Qhull
9/18/13 Ball-pivoting / Cocone Doverspike / Salume Bernardini et al., 1999 (slides, reviews) Dey and Goswami, 2003 (slides, reviews)
9/25/13 Spectral Reconstruction / Robust Reconstruction Prada / Sinha Kolluri et al., 2004 (slides, reviews) Hornung and Kobbelt, 2006 (slides, reviews)
10/02/13 Unorganized Points / Volumetric Models Prada / Fernandez Hoppe et al., 1992 (slides, reviews) Curless and Levoy, 1996 (slides, reviews)
10/09/13 Class Cancelled
10/16/13 Overivew of MLS / PSS Kazhdan / Sinha McLain, 1974 (slides) Alexa et al., 2001 (slides, reviews)
10/23/13 Robust MLS / MPU Prada / Salume Fleishman et al., 2005 (slides, reviews) Ohtake et al., 2003 (slides, reviews)
10/30/13 APSS / RIMLS Chuang / Chuang Guennebaud et al., 2007 (slides, reviews) Oztireli et al., 2009 (slides, reviews)
11/06/13 RBF / Interpolating polygon soups Fernandez / Doverspike Carr et al., 2001 (slides, reviews) Shen et al., 2004 (slides, reviews)
11/13/13 Poisson Reconstruction / Variational Voronoi Kazhdan / Sinha Kazhdan et al., 2006 (slides, reviews) Alliez et al., 2007 (slides, reviews)
11/20/13 Scattered Data Approximation / SSD Salume / Fernandez Ohtake et al., 2004 (slides, reviews) Calakli and Taubin, 2011 (slides, reviews)

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