Distributed Gradient-Domain Processing of Planar and Spherical Images (Version 4.5)

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For testing purposes, two sample datasets are provided.
Version 2:
  1. The code has been modified so that --gScale and --iWeight can be applied when peforming stitching.
  2. The --gray flag has been added to make processing of gray images more efficient.
  3. The --deramp flag has been added to remove structured ramping artefacts in the image tiles.
  4. The --spherical/--cylindrical flags have been added to support the processing of spherical/cylindrical images.
Version 3:
  1. The code has been re-written to be cross-platform.
  2. The code has been modified by replacing the --noBlackOut flag with the more powerful --unknownType flag to support harmonic fill-ins.
Version 3.1:
  1. The parameter --lowPixels has been added to allow users to specify a low-frequency band that is different from the high-frequency band. This enables blending of frequency content, where the ``amount'' of low-frequency preserved increases with larger values of --iWeight.
Version 3.11:
  1. Fixed a memory allocation problem in ImageStream.inl.
Version 3.5:
  1. Removed a dead-lock opportunity that could cause the code lock up right before termination.
Version 4:
  1. General code clean-up.
  2. Improved support for single-channel images.
Version 4.1:
  1. Fixed int to float casting bug.
  2. Fixed HDR I/O bug.
Version 4.5:
  1. Fixed bad memory access when no labels are provied
  2. Fixed missing scaling when threads are forced to merge