[Theory Seminar] Hung Le

March 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Speaker: Hung Le
Affiliation: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Title: Reliable Spanners: Locality-Sensitive Orderings Strike Back

A highly desirable property of networks is robustness to failures.
Consider a metric space $(X,d_X)$, a graph $H$ over $X$ is a $\vartheta$-reliable $t$-spanner if, for every set of failed vertices $B\subset X$, there is a superset $B^+\supseteq B$ such that the induced subgraph $H[X\setminus B]$ preserves all the distances between points in $X\setminus B^+$ up to a stretch factor $t$, while the expected size of $B^+$ is as most $(1+\vartheta)|B|$. Such a spanner could withstand a catastrophe: failure of even $90\%$ of the network.

Buchin, Har-Peled, and Olah showed how to construct a sparse reliable spanner for Euclidean space from Euclidean locality-sensitive orderings, an object introduced by Chan, Har-Peled, and Jones. In this talk, we extend their approach to non-Euclidean metric spaces by generalizing the ordering of Chan, Har-Peled, and Jones to doubling metrics and introducing new types of locality-sensitive orderings for other metric spaces. We also show how to construct reliable spanners from the newly introduced locality-sensitive orderings via reliable 2-hop spanners for paths. The highlight of our results is that the number of edges in our spanner has no dependency on the spread.