600.770 Selected Topics in Algorithms for Metric Spaces, Spring 2014

Instructor: Michael Dinitz
Time: M 11:00-12:00
Place: Shaffer 204E

Course description: 

This course will focus on algorithms that use, simplify, or exploit metric spaces. Examples of topics we will address include metric embeddings and their applications, algorithms to exploit low dimensionality, graph spanners and sparsifiers, and data structures such as distance oracles and compact routing schemes that allow us to efficiently find distances and paths. This course will mostly be in the form of a reading group, and students will present a paper and lead a discussion. Prereq: 600.463 or permission of the instructor.


Here is a small selection of papers related to the topics of this course. All students will need to choose and present one paper, either from this list or your own choice (subject to approval).

Website stolen from Anupam Gupta's class on Metric Methods