600.469 Approximation Algorithms - Spring 2017

Instructor: Michael Dinitz
Lecture: T Th 12pm - 1:15 pm, Hodson 211
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3pm - 4pm, Malone 217


Resources: There is no required textbook, but many lectures will cover topics from the following.

Date Topic Reference Notes
 Jan 31   Intro, Vertex Cover   Chapter 1.1    
 Feb 2   Steiner Tree, TSP   Chapter 2.4, Exercise 2.5
 Feb 7   Greedy: Set Cover and Maximum Coverage   Chapter 1.6, Exercise 2.11    
 Feb 9   Greedy: k-Center and Makespan Scheduling   Chapters 2.2, 2.3
 Feb 14   Local Search: Max-Cut and Weighted Max-Cut       
 Feb 16   Local Search: Min Degree Spanning Tree   Chapters 2.6, 9.3  HW1 released 
 Feb 21    Rounding and Dynamic Programming: Knapsack and Min-Makespan Scheduling   Chapters 3.1, 3.2    
 Feb 23   Rounding and Dynamic Programming: Min-Makespan Scheduling and Bin Packing   Chapters 3.2, 3.3   HW1 due 
 Feb 28   Intro to LPs for Approximation Algorithms   Chapters 1.2, 1.3, 4.3, Appendix A    
 Mar 2   Deterministic Rounding: Metric Uncapacitated Facility Location   Chapter 4.5   HW2 out 
 Mar 7   Randomized Rounding: Set Cover and UFL   Chapters 1.7, 5.4, 5.8    
 Mar 2   Randomized Rounding: Max Dicut and Integer Routing   Chapters 5.10, 5.11   HW2 due 
 Mar 14   Snow day!       
 Mar 16   Randomized Rounding: Group Steiner Tree   Notes from CMU, GKR paper   HW3 released 
 Mar 28   GST and Tree Embeddings       
 Mar 30   No class: Mike away      HW3 due 
 Apr 4   Tree Embeddings   Chapter 8.5    
 Apr 6   Tree embeddings, Steiner Point Removal, LPs as Metrics   Chapter 8.5, Theorem 8.19 (Chapter 8.6)   HW4 released 
 Apr 11   LPs as Metrics: Multiway Cut   Chapters 8.1, 8.2    
 Apr 13   LP Duality   Chapter 1.4, Appendix A   HW4 due 
 Apr 18   Dual Fitting and Primal-Dual   Chapters 1.5, 1.6, 7.1, 7.3    
 Apr 20   Primal-Dual: Steiner Forest   Chapter 7.4   HW5 released 
 Apr 25   Semidefinite Programming: Max-Cut   Chapters 6.1, 6.2    
 Apr 27   SDP II: Correlation Clustering and Max-2SAT   Chapter 6.4   HW5 due 
 May 2   No class: Mike Away       


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Additional Resources

Some texts that are related to topics we will cover. They are useful for further study in this field. Similar courses with nice scribe notes. Courses on related material with nice scribe notes.