Automata and Computation Theory (Spring 2021)

Time and Location: TTh 1:30-2:45pm,

Instructor: Xin Li. Office hours: Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm,, or by appointment

Course Assistants: Yu Zheng (TA), Gautam Prabhu, Angela Benton, Nathan Daly, Sean Murray, Weina Dai, Emma Gan


Course description: This course is an introduction to the theory of computing. Topics include design of finite state automata, pushdown automata, linear bounded automata, Turing machines and phrase structure grammars; correspondence between automata and grammars; computable functions, decidable and undecidable problems, P and NP problems, NP-completeness, and randomization. Students may not receive credit for 601.231 and 601.631 for the same degree.

Pre Requisite: discrete math or permission.

Required Textbook: Michael Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Third Edition.

Topics Covered and Textbook Correspondence