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Research Interests:

Computational Genomics, Bioinformatics, Probabilistic Modeling of Biological Systems, Computational Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design.

*** I have moved to Boston University ***

I shortened my commute to the nearest Genome Center to 7 minutes


Recent Publications in Computational Biology

Graphical Models, Bayes Networks and Biology

Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Fellows

We are delighted to announce several research and visiting positions in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Boston University.
Boston University has an established tradition in computational approaches to biology, and BU programs in this area include several researchers such as Charles DeLisi who recentlly received the Presidential Medal of Honor for initiating the Human Genome Project, Charles Cantor, Jim Collins, Simon Kasif, Temple Smith, Sandor Vajda, Zhiping Weng, Tim Gardner as well as several associated faculty such as Rich Roberts, and Stan Letovsky We have active collaborations with The Institute for Genomic Research, Johns Hopkins University, The Harvard/MIT CHIP program, MIT Genome Center and local industry.
The BME department where the laboratory is housed is ranked number seven in the US (tied with MIT).
Boston University has established one of the first Ph.D. programs in Bioinformatics (see The program now enters its third year and has several research centers in related areas where students and faculty conduct research on a variety of topics in genomics, proteomics, gene regulation, genetic switches, computational biology and bioinformatics.
A new DNA chip manufacturing facility is built in collaboration with several groups on campus. A number of biotechnology start-up companies were recently spinned-off based on innovative ideas developed at Boston University.
We are seeking to fill several postdoctoral research positions at various levels (research scientist, senior postdoctoral fellow, postdoctoral fellow). The researchers will conduct directed and independent research in computational genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, functional genomics and comparative genomics. Salaries will be determined based on qualifications.
High-quality applicants with background in computation and biology are particularly encouraged to apply. We will consider unusually strong applications from researchers seeking to enter bioinformatics from other fields such as physics, computer science, learning, mathematics or life sciences.
We also welcome applications for graduate study in bioinformatics, computational biology and computational genomics.
For information see, or send email to


Functional Gene Clusters, Operons with applications to bacterial microarray analys, pathway reconstruction, functional annotation

Variability in Microbial Organisms, Mosaic Genes, Segmentally Variable Genes, New Variable Domain Identification

Variability in Microbial Organisms, Fast Evolving Genes

Multiplex PCR Server: Genotyping, PCR Assays, Genome Walks<\ \ /a>

Bi-Clustering Server for Gene Expression Analysis

Transcriptional Analysis of Signalling Pathways: Available on Request

Structural Analysis of SNP Data (with Jie Liang's group)

Comparative Genome Analysis and Gene Identification: available by request

Functional Annotation, Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis Software: available by request