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George E. Kalb, Instructor & JHUISI Institute Fellow

Recipient of the 1995 JHU "Excellence in Teaching" award.

"My binary can beat up your binary"
George E. Kalb, July 2001

Invited Speaker at Workshop W9: Emerging Technology - Tamper Resistant Software

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Contact Info:

Phone: 410-765-8727
Office: None on Campus
USmail: George E. Kalb
P.O. Box 746, MS 1261
Baltimore, MD 21203
Member: JHU Computer Science Advisory Board


Physics Senior Research Project: "3D Angular Correlation of Positron Annihalations"

Chemistry Senior Research Project: "Pyridine and Piperidine Additions to Bis (2,4-pentanediono) oxovanadium IV"

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