an extractor for synchronous context-free grammars for machine translation

(Allegory of Grammar by Laurent de La Hyre)

What it is

As the banner indicates, Thrax is an extractor for synchronous context-free grammars (SCFGs) for use in machine translation (MT). This paper has a nice introduction to the SCFG formalism for translation.

Why it's called what it's called

Thrax is so named in honor of Dionysius Thrax. He's credited with creating the first grammar of Greek, Art of Grammar. Since this program is designed to create grammars, we thought it was a clever reference. Plus the name is short and catchy and has no obvious relation to the program's function, which is traditional for UNIX-style program names.

Where to get it

See the project site on github.

How to use it

There's an introduction on the wiki.

Who's in charge around here

Jonny Weese, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University.

When this page was last updated

October 14, 2010.