Bits of Code You Could Ask Me For

Code implementations are available for most of my papers. Please ask me or the first author for the code rather than wasting time on a reimplementation. My students and I have started doing our work on github, bitbucket, etc.

My big software projects are the Dyna programming language, the Dopp programming language parser, the Dynasty hypergraph browser, and the ERMA toolkit for robust training of graphical models under approximations.

Also, in a more community-service vein, the aclpub package for producing conference proceedings volumes, and the gradrev system for managing the department's annual review letters to graduate students.

Over the years I've also written many small-to-medium bits of code that someone might find useful. Some of them are even packaged or documented nicely. I've meant to clean some of them up and publish them to the relevant archives, but have never gotten around to it.

Since I hate duplication of effort, and like to give back to the open source code pool, just drop me a note if you want to download one of these. I'll try to make it freely available to you in some form (especially if it is small enough that I can easily look it over first). If I have already put it on the web for someone else, I may or may not have linked to it from this page.

The list below was already incomplete at the time I made it, and I haven't kept it up to date well. I have written other possibly useful software not listed here.

Computational Linguistics

Some of these materials are support software for problem sets I use in teaching. The problem sets could serve as additional documentation.

C Data Structures

If for some reason you prefer writing in C to using a language with real libraries, here's old but efficient code to support some common data structures.

Perl Data Structures

R or S-PLUS code

Emacs Lisp

This section especially needs to be finished (it is missing some items and some descriptions). I've spent a lot of time hacking my Emacs environment; these are some of the bits that might be most useful to others.


Shell Scripts and Aliases

Things you might want to type at a Unix command line:

Fun math code

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