Using the CLSP Massage Chair

Here's the instruction manual (a hard copy is on the shelf by the chair), and a demo video that goes through some of the features.

To get the full experience, remove your shoes and insert your arms under the arm rests. Relax your body. If the massage is uncomfortably strong, there are several black cushions nearby that are designed to pad different parts of the chair.

When you power the chair on, it will scan the height of your back by rolling down your back and then up again until it finds your neck. So lean back at that time, with your head against the chair. (You can adjust the detected height later using the large up/down arrow buttons.) The chair will then beep and flash its program selection buttons.

Personally, I'm happy to let the chair do its default thing. But there are other preset programs: press "smart healing" repeatedly to rotate through some of them. Or fine-tune the locations and style of the massage using the buttons under the lid of the controller.

The buttons in the circle adjust the chair position. (Hint: If you're under 5' 10", raise your feet using the button at 10 o'clock. This will enable you to scooch further back in the chair and thus get your lower back massaged.) The center button chooses how much to recline. (Hint: Reclining causes gravity to press your back more firmly into the rollers.)

The "time" button adjusts the massage time from 5 to 40 minutes, with 20 as the recommended default. Be nice to others who are waiting.

Enjoy! Other CLSP amenities include the electric piano, the espresso machine, the ping-pong table, a manual scooter, and two electric scooters.

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