Ilya Shpitser


I am a John C. Malone Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science in the Whiting School of Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University. I am a member of the Malone Center For Engineering in Healthcare. I graduated from UCLA where I had great privilege to be advised by Judea Pearl. As a postdoctoral scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health, I was fortunate to receive mentorship from James M. Robins.

Research Interests:

Causal inference, missing data, graphical models, algorithmic fairness, statistical inference in semi-parametric models.


Spring 2021: Disinformation Self-defense (600.277).

Fall 2021: Causal Inference (601.477/677).

Fall 2021: Introduction To Machine Learning (601.475/675).

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I am indebted to my collaborators and mentors: Judea Pearl, James M. Robins, Thomas S. Richardson, Eric J. Tchetgen Tchetgen, Tyler Vanderweele, Daniel Scharfstein, Robin J. Evans, Elizabeth Ogburn, Narges Ahmidi, Casey Overby-Taylor, and many others!