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glodInstanceObject - Creates a new instance of an existing GLOD object.


void glodInstanceObject(GLuint name, GLuint instancename, GLuint groupname)


The source object to be duplicated

The new object name. Keep in mind, object names are global, and cannot be repeated, even if the object will be in a different group.

The name of the group in which this object will reside. If groupname does not yet exist, it will be created with default parameters. See glodNewGroup for more details.


This call allows you to create a copy of an existing object without duplicating the memory it uses for geometry storage. This is useful for those cases where you want to independently adapt an object depending on its position in your scene.

Keep in mind, an instanced object has its own adaptation state. That means that calling glodAdaptGroup will affect only the instances in that particular group.


GLOD_INVALID_NAME is generated if name doesn't exist, or if instancename already exists.
GLOD_INVALID_STATE if generated if the object named name has not been compiled using glodBuildObject() or loaded with glodLoadObject()

Last modified: 06/10/04 06:32:20 PM