HEART - Introduction to Computer Security and Applied Cryptography

EN 500.111.26 Wednesday 7-8:15pm

EN 500.111.37 Thursday 8-9:15pm

Course Goals

  • Students should leave the course with an understanding that it is important to consider security in the design process and not leave it until the end
  • Students should understand how security is defined and the importance of defining security for each application
  • Students should get a sense of the political and social implications of computer security and cryptography

Course Work and Expectations

  • There will be weekly reading that should be completed before the beginning of class.
  • There will be a presentation created and executed in groups. Each member of the group is expected to contribute to the out-of-class preparation and in class presentation.
  • One class with be a discussion day. Students are expected to listen respectfully, encourage their classmates, and actively contribute in a positive way.

Class Schedule

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