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Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3

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Monday, September 13
Introduction, Overview 
Tuesday, September 14
Light, Color, and Color Spaces 
Watt Chapter 14
(excerpt on reserve, not Watt/Watt)
Durrett Chapter 1
FVD Chapter 13
Wednesday, September 15
 Illumination Models 
FVD 16.1, 16.2, 16.7
Watt/Watt Chapter 2
Monday, September 20
Ray Casting 
 FVD 15.10
Homework 1 assigned
Tuesday, September 21
Ray Tracing 
 FVD 16.11, 16.12
Watt/Watt Chapter 8
Glassner Chapter 7
Wednesday, September 22
Accelerating Ray Tracing 
 Watt/Watt Chapter 9
Monday, September 27
 Image Texture Fundamentals 
Watt/Watt 6.1, 6.3
FVD 16.3.2
Tuesday, September 28
 Procedural Texturing and Shading 
Watt/Watt Chapter 14 
Wednesday, September 29
Procedural Texturing and Shading (cont.) 
Monday, October 4
Procedural Bump Mapping and Noise 
 Watt/Watt 6.4, 7.2, 7.3
FVD 20.1.2
 Homework 1 due
Tuesday, October 5
Procedural Bump Mapping and Noise (cont.) 
Wednesday, October 6
Discussion of Homework 1
 Homework 1 returned
Monday, October 11
 Watt/Watt Chapter 11
FVD 6.11, 6.13
 Homework 2 assigned
Tuesday, October 12
 Radiosity (cont.)
 Watt/Watt Chapter 12
Wednesday, October 13
Exam #1
Monday, October 18
No Class - Fall Break
Tuesday, October 19
Global Illumination 
Wednesday, October 20
 Project Discussion
 Homework 2 due
Monday, October 25
 Volume Rendering 
Tuesday, October 26
 Accelerating Volume Rendering 
Wednesday, October 27
 Texturing and Shading Videos: 

1. Beers, Agrawala, and Chaddha. "Rendering from Compressed Textures." Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96.
2. McCormack, Farkas, and Jouppi. "Feline: Fast Elliptical Lines for Anisotropic Texture Mapping." Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.
3. Olano and Lastra. "A Shading Language on Graphics Hardware: The PixelFlow Shading System. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98.

 Project abstract due
Thursday, October 28
 Homework 3 assigned
Monday, November 1
 Image-based Rendering 
Tuesday, November 2
 Light Fields 
Wednesday, November 3
Non-photorealistic Rendering: Pen-and-Ink Illustration 
 Full project proposal due
Monday, November 8
 Painterly Rendering 
Tuesday, November 9
Non-photorealistic Illumination Models 
Wednesday, November 10
 No Class - project meetings
 Homework 3 due
Monday, November 15
 Office of the Future 
 Progress report due
Tuesday, November 16
 Parallel Rendering 
 Paper choice due
Wednesday, November 17
 Computer Animation 
Monday, November 22
Exam #2
 Progress report due
Tuesday, November 23
Student Paper Presentations
Dai Xiangtian
Shade et al., "Layered Depth Images," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98.
Weiqiang Zhang
Zhang et al., "Visibility Culling using Hierarchical Occlusion Maps," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97.
Wednesday, November 24
Student Paper Presentations
Jeff Lee
Segal et al., "Fast Shadows and Lighting Effects using  Texture Mapping," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 92.
Jeremy Mullendore
Salisbury et al., "Scale-dependent reproduction of pen-and-ink illustrations," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96.
Monday, November 29
Student Paper Presentations
Stephen Goldman
Fang and Piegl, "Delaunay Triangulation using a Uniform Grid," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, May, 1993.
Chris Riley
Seidel, "A simple and fast incremental randomized algorithm for computing trapezoidal decompositions and for triangulating polygons. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 1(1):51-64, 1991.
 Progress report due
Tuesday, November 30
Student Paper Presentations
Mark Nesky
Reisman et al., "Parallel Progressive Rendering of Anmimation Sequences at Interactive
Rates on Distributed-Memory Machines," Proceedings of 1997 Symposium on Parallel Rendering.
Jeff Walace
Jaramaz et al., "Computer assisted measurement of cup placement in total hip replacement.," Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, No. 354, September, 1998.
Wednesday, December 1
Student Paper Presentations
Xueying Cao
Hart et al., "Direct Illumination with Lazy Visibility Evaluation," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.
Jatin Chhugani
Stürzlinger and Bastos, "Interactive Rendering of Globally Illuminated Glossy Scenes," Eurographics Rendering Techniques '97.
Monday, December 6
Student Paper Presentations
David Ko
Eck and Hoppe, "Automatic Reconstruction of B-Spline Surfaces of Arbitrary Topological Type," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96.
Ankur Bhargava
Baraff and Witkin, "Large Steps in Cloth Simulation," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98.
 Progress report due
Tuesday, December 7
Student Paper Presentations
Guoxing Wang
Lee et al., "Multiresolution Mesh Morphing", Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.
Michael Shin
Ramasubramanian, "Three-dimensional Metamorphosis using Multiplanar Representation", ??


Beier and Neely, "Feature-based Image Metamorphosis," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 92.

Wednesday, December 8
Student Paper Presentations
Yuan Tian
Ramamoorthi and Barr, "Fast Construction of Accurate Quaternion Splines," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97.
Marvin Cook
An Introduction to Free-Form Deformation, including material from:

Coquillart and Jancéne, "Animated Free-Form Deformation: An Interactive Animation Technique," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 91.


Coquillart, "Extended Free-Form Deformation: A Sculpturing Tool for 3D Geometric Modeling," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 90.

Monday, December 13
Student Paper Presentations
Guiwen Liang
Nishita et al., "Display of the Earth Taking into Account Atmospheric Scattering," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 93.
Yan Zhangtian
Nishita et al., "Display of Clouds and Snow Taking into Account Multiple Anisotropic Scattering and Sky Light," Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96.
 Progress report due
Thursday, December 16
1:00-6:00 PM
Personal Project Demonstrations
Friday, December 17
Project Deliverables Due
9:00 AM

May 29, 2000