Video Triptik Course Schedule

Deadlines (due on day listed)
Monday, January 28
  • Course Introduction
  • Project Vision
  • Initial Brainstorming
  • Arrange meeting times for brainstorming homework groups
Wednesday, January 30
  • Discuss groups' brainstorming homeworks
  • Come to some consensus on initial project vision for the whole class
  • Divide project into initial components and working groups
Spend an hour or two brainstorming in groups of 3-5 people. Outline your group's vision of the semester project. What is the overall system, what are the overall components, and what software and algorithms will need to be developed to make it work. What features will make this system interesting or useful to people who try it? Lay out some of the problems that will need to be solved (obviously you do not need to solve them yet). Bring hardcopies of your outline to class Wednesday for your professor and all your classmates.
Monday, February 4
  • Discuss possibilities for 3D and video projects, including commonalities and differences
Wednesday, February 6
  • Digital Media Center equipment tutorial 
Monday, February 11
  • Divide projects into components and working groups
    • Database
    • GPS
    • Query interface
    • Video acquisition
    • Video display
    • 3D acquisition
    • 3D display
  • Start working group discussion of requirements, including perceived inter-group requirements
Wednesday, February 13
  Write up for your group a sequence of systems you would like to build for your component, starting with the simplest. Describe the requirements to make it possible, including software to be written, problems to be solved, and interface requirements with the other groups. E-mail the write-up to the yahoo group as well as bringing hard-copies for the class.
Monday, February 18
Wednesday, February 20
Monday, February 25
Wednesday, February 27
Monday, March 4
Wednesday, March 6
Monday, March 11
Wednesday, March 13
Monday, March 18
No Class - Spring Break
Wednesday, March 20
No Class - Spring Break
Monday, March 25
Wednesday, March 27
Monday, April 1
Wednesday, April 3
Monday, April 8
Wednesday, April 10
Monday, April 15
Wednesday, April 17
Monday, April 22
Wednesday, April 24
Monday, April 29
Wednesday, May 1
Last Day of Class
  • Final working system
  • Documentation for users
  • Documentation for developers / maintainers

Febrary 11, 2001