Picture of me
Jonathan D. Cohen
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
224 New Engineering Building
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

www: www.cs.jhu.edu/~cohen
office: 218-B NEB
phone: (410) 516-5308
fax: (410) 516-6134

Professional Stuff



Research Interests

My research focuses on interactive 3D graphics, especially algorithms and architectures for high-performance rendering of large, complex data. The following are several of the specific areas I have pursued:
digital hammurabi logo
Digital Hammurabi Web Site

GLOD simplification software library
GLOD Web Site
Ford bronco model at different levels of detail
oxygen post
cuneiform tablet
Polygonal Simplification
Interactive Visualization
Cultural Heritage

Power plant model with textured cull box highlighted
Notional representation of one pixel-flow rack (9 boards)
Multi-body collision detection simulation
Interactive Walkthrough
Parallel Graphics Architecture
Collision Detection



battlezone arcade game
Four spheres behind a transparent cylinder
Some graphics conference proceedings
Interactive Graphics and Games
Rendering Techniques
(also Image Gallery)
Graphics Seminar
Virtual jack-in-the-box environment
Data Structures
Virtual Worlds
(also Model Gallery)


Other Fun Stuff

Babylon 5 shield logo
A horn (a _french_ horn, if you must)
Palm III series hardware running 3D Viewer, displaying bunny model
Babylon 5
Palm Pilot



Daniel Aliaga
David Luebke
Julian Krolik
Subodh Kumar
Ming Lin
Dinesh Manocha
Marc Olano


Graphics Students

Ilya Brown
Yuan Chen
Jatin Chhugani
Jason Corso
Edmund Dorsey
Nathaniel Duca 
Eric Goldlust
Joseph Hennessey Joshua Leven
Chris Niski Budi Purnomo Siddharth Sonrexa
Jim Susinno Sudhir Vishwanath


Some other friends on the web

Yair Amir
Cindy Hong
Carl Mueller
Bill Yakowenko

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