Chien-Ming Huang John C. Malone Assistant Professor
Intuitive Computing Laboratory
HCI@Hopkins | Robotics@Hopkins
Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare
Dept. of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

410-516-4537 (unlikely to reach me)


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My research focuses on designing and enabling productive and responsible computing technology to shape the future of work, living, and care. My recent research interests include 1) making robotic technology more accessible to people with diverse backgrounds, 2) improving the quality of life for older adults using technolgy, and 3) designing productive interaction strategies for AI systems to assist people.

My research has been supported by NSF, NIH, Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy (IAA), Applied Physics Laboratory, and Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare. See News below.

Current students

2018–nowGopika Ajaykumar (CS PhD) | NSF GRFP | JHU Engineering/Nursing fellow | 2023 HRI Pioneer
2019–nowMaia Stiber (CS PhD) | CS Department fellow | Co-advised by Russ Taylor
2020–nowAmama Mahmood (CS PhD) | CS Department fellow
2021–nowKaitlynn Pineda (CS PhD) | CS Department fellow | Co-advised by Greg Hager
2021–nowVictor Antony (CS PhD)
2021–nowDrew Prinster (CS PhD) | Co-advised by Suchi Saria
2022–nowShiye Cao (CS PhD) | 2022 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist | Co-advised by Anqi Liu

Recent publications

I mainly publish at HRI, HCI (CHI, CSCW, IUI), and Robotics (ICRA, IROS, RSS) venues.

⚌ End-user robot programming ⚌
ACM Computing SurveyA survey on end-user robot programming | pdf
Robotics and Autonomous SystemsDesigning user-centric programming aids for kinesthetic teaching of collaborative robots | pdf
RSS'21 WSMultimodal robot programming by demonstration: a preliminary exploration | pdf
IUI'19PATI: a projection-based augmented table-top interface for robot programming | pdf
HRI'12Robot behavior toolkit: generating effective social behaviors for robots | pdf

⚌ Human-robot collaboration ⚌
HRI'23What if it is wrong: effects of power dynamics and trust repair strategy on trust and compliance in HRI | pdf
HRI'23On using social signals to enable flexible error-aware HRI | pdf
IROS'22Modeling human response to robot errors for timely error Detection | pdf
ICRA'21 WSFACT: a full-body ad-hoc collaboration testbed for modeling complex teamwork | pdf
HRI'20See what i see: enabling user-centric robotic assistance using first-person demonstrations | pdf
HRI'16Anticipatory robot control for efficient human-robot collaboration | pdf
Frontiers in PsychologyUsing gaze patterns to predict task intent in collaboration | pdf
RSS'15Adaptive coordination strategies for human-robot handovers | pdf

⚌ Social robots ⚌
HRI'23Co-designing with older adults, for older adults: robots to promote physical activity | pdf
RA-LRobotic presence: the effects of anthropomorphism and robot state on task performance and emotion | pdf
Science RoboticsImproving social skills in children with ASD using a long-term, in-home social robot | pdf
HRI'18Thinking aloud with a tutoring robot to enhance learning | pdf
HRI'17Give me a break! personalized timing strategies to promote learning in robot-child tutoring | pdf
RSS'13Modeling and evaluating narrative gestures for humanlike robots | pdf | Best paper award runner-up

⚌ Socially aware robot navigation ⚌
IROS'22Learning a group-aware policy for robot navigation | pdf
Frontiers in Robotics and AIEvaluation of socially-aware robot navigation | pdf | 2022 Outstanding Article, Editor's Picks
ICRA'20Intent-aware pedestrian prediction for adaptive crowd navigation | pdf

⚌ Human-AI interaction ⚌
CSCW'23How time pressure from different phases of decision-making influences human-AI collaboration | paper to come
IJHCSMitigating knowledge imbalance in AI-advised decision-making through collaborative user involvement | pdf
IVA'22Effects of rhetorical strategies and skin tones on agent persuasiveness in assisted decision-making | pdf
CSCW'22Understanding user reliance on AI in assisted decision-making | pdf
CHI'22Owning mistakes sincerely: strategies for mitigating AI errors | pdf
npj Digital MedicineExplainable medical imaging AI needs human-centered design: guidelines and evidence from a systematic review | pdf
NeurIPS'21 WSHow mock model training enhances user perceptions of AI systems | pdf

⚌ Human computation ⚌
ACM TiiSCrowdsourcing thumbnail captions: data collection and validation | pdf
IUI'22Crowdsourcing thumbnail captions using time-constrained methods | pdf


EN.601.490/690 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018

EN.601.491/691 Human-Robot Interaction
Spring 2022, Spring 2021, Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018

Community services

2018–nowAssociate Editor for the ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction
2022, 2021, 2019, 2018HRI Program Committee
2019CHI Program Committee (AC)
I'm also a frequent reviewer for HRI, ICRA, and CHI.


News from my research group: here

12.22 I am co-organizing a AAAI spring symposium on "HRI in Academia and Industry: Bridging the Gap"
06.22Research award – New NSF project in collaboration with Greg Hager to investigate "Modeling Ad Hoc Collaboration on Complex Manipulation Tasks for Human-Robot Teams"
02.22Research award – I received an NSF CAREER award to investigate end-user robot programming systems for everyday people, especially older adults who want to live independently at home.
10.21Research award – New NIH project in collaboration with Shameema Sikder (PI), Swaroop Vedula, and Greg Hager to investigate "Artificial Intelligence Driven Tools for Objective Surgical Performance Improvement"
05.20Humbled to receive Professor Joel Dean Excellence in Teaching Award
02.20Research award – New project in collaboration with I-Jeng Wang and Kapil Katyal to investigate "Human-Centered Assured Autonomy" supported by the JHU Institute for Assured Autonomy
02.19Rsearch award – New project to investigate "Human-Robot Co-Navigation" supported by APL
12.18Joined the editorial board for the ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction
10.18Honored to be named the John C. Malone Assistant Professor
09.18Research award – New NSF project in collaboration with Suchi Saria (PI) to investigate "Human-Machine Cognitive Teaming for Medical Decision Making"
08.17Joined CS@Johns Hopkins University

Working with me

I am always looking for highly motivated students interested in human-computer interaction and/or robotics. However, I do not reply to any inquiries and/or comment on applicaiton materials. If you are interested in working with me, you need to apply to our CS graduate program directly.

Past students

On leave: Yuxiang Gao (CS PhD)

Doctor of Engineering
Bart Paulhamus (Doctor of Engineering, 2021; next: APL)

Ulas Berk Karli (Robotics MS, 2023; next: CS PhD at Yale)
Yeping Wang (Robotics MS, 2020; next: CS PhD at UW–Madison)
Xingli Han (CS MS, 2020; next: Robotics PhD at WPI)
Jindan Huang (CS MS, 2020; next: CS PhD at Tufts)
Amrita Krishnaraj (Robotics MS, 2019; next: Van Robotics)
Yuxiang Gao (Robotics MS, 2019; next: CS PhD at JHU)
Ji Han (Robotics MS, 2019; next: Tusimple)
Xin Ren (Robotics MS, 2018; next:

Chinat Yu (CS BS, 2023; next: Learning Design and Technology MS at Stanford)
Jeanie Fung (CogSci BS, 2023)
Shiye Cao (CS BS/MS, 2021; next: CS PhD at JHU) | 2022 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist
Fanjun (Frank) Bu (CS BS, 2021; next: CS PhD at Cornell Tech) | 2021 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Reseacher Honorable Mention | JHU CS+X award
Isabel Won (CogSci BS)
Kaushik Srinivasan (CS BS; next: Bloomberg)
Julia Oppenheim (CS BS, 2020; next: MongoDB)

Last update: August 6, 2023