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Claudiu Danilov

Assistant Research Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Computer Science

Office: 313 NEB
Phone: 410-516-5562, Fax: 410-516-6134
E-mail: claudiu at


I have enjoyed quite a bit participating in the Advanced Distributed Systems and Networks course over the last few years. This is an advanced, research oriented course focusing on far-reaching ideas in networking and distributed systems. In this course I had the chance to work closely with several exceptional students on projects that later on evolved into their Master or PhD research topic, or shaped their starting career as system builders. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who thinks seriously about pushing the Distributed Systems field to its limits.

Over the years I was involved in teaching the Distributed Systems course, where I usually present the Advanced Networking Protocols lecture. In the 2002 course I also gave the weekly tutorial sessions, and I enjoyed working individually with most of the students in class on their programming assignments and projects.

During my first year at Hopkins I was a Teaching Assistant for the "Computer System Fundamentals", and "Computer Networks" courses. These were fairly large classes (over 100 students, each) focusing on the basics of computer and networking architecture. Earlier, back in Romania, I taught the "Basis of Informatics" laboratory at the Ecological University in Bucharest.

Last updated on December 26, 2005