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Claudiu Danilov

Assistant Research Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Computer Science

Office: 313 NEB
Phone: 410-516-5562, Fax: 410-516-6134
E-mail: claudiu at

Released Software

The SMesh Wireless Mesh Network
First released in December 2005. Smesh is a completely transparent wireless mesh network with instantaneous handoff. It allows wireless mobile clients to freely roam within an area covered by several access points (not all connected to the Internet) while maintaining their connections at all times, with no interruption in service, even as they switch between different access points. SMesh runs solely on the access points, which coordinate and provide instantaneous handoff to any 802.11 wireless devices, regardless of their architecture or operating system, without the need of any specific software or drivers on the mobile clients.

The Spines Messaging System
First released in February 2003. Spines is a generic messaging platform that provides transparent unicast and multicast communication over dynamic, multi-hop networking environments. Some of the Spines benefits include:

  • Instantiates generic network topologies over regular computer clusters.
  • Allows experimentation and deployment of overlay networks in the Internet, to achieve additional services not available in the current networking infrastructure, as well as improved performance for existing services.
  • Creates a logical LAN over unorganized, multi-hop hybrid and wireless networks. Spines provides the communication infrastructure for SMesh.

Last updated on December 26, 2005