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Claudiu Danilov

Assistant Research Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Computer Science

Office: 313 NEB
Phone: 410-516-5562, Fax: 410-516-6134
E-mail: claudiu at


I am part of the Distributed Systems and Networks Lab at Hopkins.

Research interests:
Distributed Systems: Byzantine and benign fault tolerant systems, survivability, availability, performance and service functionality.
Networks: Overlay networks, wireless and hybrid mesh networks, testbeds for generic wide-area topology emulation.

Creator of the Spines Messaging System and SMesh Wireless Mesh Network. Major contributor of the wide-area Spread Toolkit.

My PhD thesis: Performance and Functionality in Overlay Networks

My work focuses on developing critical infrastructure for survivable distributed systems. Distributed systems usually require strong semantics, service guarantees, and specific functionality from their communication infrastructure. As opposed to the Internet services, which are built to integrate into a single conceptual infrastructure that scales to every computer on the planet, a virtually unlimited number of distributed applications can coexist independently, each of them having a relatively limited scope. For example, a multi-national organization spread around the world may need to use a secure, distributed replication service to achieve high performance and availability for its database, while independently, though using the same Internet, a phone company may use an overlay network to optimize its international VoIP traffic. The number of such distributed systems, and their impact on our daily life is continuously increasing. Their network infrastructure extends form the wired Internet to wireless networks, sensor networks, satellite communication, and even to relatively small embedded systems. My current focus is on providing high performance, survivability in the face of external and internal attacks, and strong semantics with service guarantees for such systems.

Earlier, before starting my work at Hopkins, I worked at the National Institute For R & D In Informatics (ICI) in Bucharest - Romania, where I was part of the Real Time Systems Laboratory.

Last updated on December 26, 2005