Computer-Integrated Surgery (600.445)

Professor Russell H. Taylor

Office: NEB 322 
Lab: NEB B21; NEB B26
Personal Assistant's Phone: 410-516-3837 
Office Hours: By appointment

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Xiaohui Wu

Office: NEB B21 
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Victor Lee

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General Information

Course Concept

This course focuses on computer-based techniques, systems, and applications exploiting quantitative information from medical images and sensors to assist clinicians in all phases of treatment, from diagnosis to preoperative planning, execution, and follow-up. It emphasizes the relationship between problem definition, computer-based technology, and clinical application and includes a number of guest lectures given by surgeons and other experts on requirements and opportunities in particular clinical areas. An optional term project may be undertaken under supervision of the instructor and clinician end users. Although this course is primarily intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students interested in doing research in this area, it may also be of interest to medical or qualified premedical students wanting to obtain a broader background in this emerging field. 


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