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probability review

For a gentle review of probability, here's an introduction. If you just need to be reminded of the formulas, the following pages on Mathworld should do the trick:


Week 1 (9/3): Crash Course In Crypto
  • Slides (part 1:PDF, part 2:PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Pseudorandom Functions (PDF, offsite)
Week 2 (9/10): Reductionist Security I: HMAC
Malene, Chris, Jon, Hyrum
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Thursday Slides (group: PDF, adam: PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • HMAC (PDF, offsite)
Week 3 (9/17): Reductionist Security II: Authenticated Encryption
Paul, Jeremy, Mike, Ken
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Thursday Slides (group: PDF, adam: PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Authenticated Encryption (PDF, offsite)
  • Winzip Security (PDF, offsite)
  • SSL Security (PDF, offsite)
  • SSH Security (PDF, offsite)
Week 4 (9/24): Random Oracles I: OAEP
Toliy, Dmitry, Patrick
  • Slides (slides: PDF, printable: PDF)
  • Thursday Slides (slides: PDF, printable: PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Random Oracles (PDF, offsite)
  • OAEP (PDF, offsite)
  • OAEP Reconsidered (PDF, offsite)
  • A CCA on RSAES-OAEP (PDF, offsite)
Week 5 (10/1): Random Oracles II: Uninstantiability
Christine, Sujata, Joann, Scott
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Uninstantiability (PS, offsite)
Week 6 (10/8): Security Protocols
Week 7 (10/15): No class
Week 8 (10/22): Belief Logics: BAN
Sam, Michael, Adam, Kathryn, Steve
  • Assignment (PDF)
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Class Notes (PDF)
  • BAN logic (PDF, offsite | PDF, local mirror)
Week 9 (10/29): Process Calculi: Spi
Ilya, Nishont, Matt, Ed
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Spi Calculus (PDF, offsite)
Week 10 (11/5): Model Checking/Theorem Proving
Steve, Josh, Jason, Mark
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Reading Guide (no reading is required this week)
  • Murphi (PS, offsite)
  • Inductive Proofs (PDF, offsite)
Week 11 (11/12): Computational Security for Protocols
Justin, Ryon, Bushra, Nydia
  • Slides (PDF)
  • Reading Guide (PDF)
  • Computational Security (PDF, offsite)
Week 13 (11/19): Implementation Issues
Jon, Kevin, Olga
Week 12 (11/26): No Class, Thanksgiving
Week 13 (12/3): Safes and combination locks