CS 601.742: Advanced Topics in Cryptography (Spring 2023)

Overview: We will cover recent advances in the theory and practice of succinct (zero-knowledge) proof systems. The focus will be on developing a modular view of the literature and understanding the core techniques that have been developed over the years.

Class Schedule (Tentative):

Date Topic Notes Reading Presenter
Jan 24 IntroductionA modular approach to (ZK)-SNARGs Papers: [Kilian92], [Micali94]
Talks: [Ishai]
Abhishek Jain
Jan 31 Sumcheck and GKRPolynomials, Schwartz-Zippel, Multivariate Sumcheck, Low-Degree Extensions, GKR Papers: [Lund-Fortnow-Karloff-Nisan92],
Guest Lecture: Arka Rai Choudhuri
Feb 7 Interactive Oracle ProofsIOPs, Univariate Sumcheck, Polynomial IOP Papers: [Ben-Sasson-Chiesa-Spooner16], [Reingold-Rothblum-Rothblum16], [Ben-Sasson-Chiesa-Riabzev-Spooner-Virza-Ward18]Guest Lecture: Aarushi Goel
Feb 14 Polynomial CommitmentsKZG, FRI [Kate-Zaverucha-Goldberg10], [BenSasson-Bentov-Horesh-Riabzev17]Pratyush Ranjan Tiwari
Feb 21 Holographic Proofs and Fast VerifierFractal, Plonk [Chiesa-Ojha-Spooner], [Gabizon-Williamson-Cobitaru]Aditya Hegde
Feb 28 Linear PCPs and SNARGs - IBCIOP, GGPR [Bitansky-Chiesa-Ishai-Ostrovsky-Paneth13], [Gennaro-Gentry-Parno-Raykova13]TBA
March 7 Linear PCPs and SNARGs - IIGroth16, Updatable CRS [Groth16], [Groth-Kohlweiss-Maller-Meiklejohn-Miers18]TBA
March 14 Folding and Incrementally Verifiable Computation TBA
March 18 - 26 Spring break
March 28 Linear-Time Provers TBA
April 4 Time and Space TBA
April 11 Designated Verifier SNARGs TBA
April 18 Standard Assumptions - I TBA
April 25 Standard Assumptions - II TBA