CS 601.742: Advanced Topics in Cryptography (Spring 2020)

Overview: We will cover recent advances in the design of efficient secure computation protocols and succinct (zero-knowledge) proofs. The focus will be on understanding some of the the core techniques that have been developed. There will be roughly three main themes: (i) Honest-majority MPC, (ii) Dishonest-majority MPC, (iii) Succinct (ZK) proofs.
  • Instructor: Abhishek Jain
  • Time: 1:30 pm - 4 pm, Friday
  • Location: Gilman 217

Class Schedule (Tentative; likely to change):

Date Topic Relevant Papers Presenter
Jan 31 Secret Sharing and Semi-Honest BGW Full Proof of BGWAbhishek Jain
Feb 7 Scalable MPC: Packed Secret Sharing and Efficient Multiplication [Franklin, Yung'92]
[Damgård, Nielsen'07]
[Damgård, Ishai, Krøigaard'10]
Aarushi Goel
Feb 14 Additive Attack Paradigm for Security with Abort [Genkin, Ishai, Prabhakaran, Sahai, Tromer'14]
[Chida, Genkin, Hamada, Ikarashi, Kikuchi, Lindell, Nof'18]
Aarushi Goel
Feb 21 Guaranteed Output Delivery via Player Elimination [Beerlíova-Trubíniová, Hirt'08]
[Goyal, Liu, Song'19]
Matthew Lombardo
Lowen Peng
Feb 28 MPC-in-the-head Paradigm [Ishai, Kushilevitz, Ostrovsky, Sahai'07]
[Ishai, Prabhakaran, Sahai'08]
Gabrielle Beck
March 6 Offline-Online MPC - Secret-Sharing Approach [Damgård, Pastro, Smart, Zakarias'12]
[Keller, Orsini, Scholl'16]
Arka Rai Choudhuri
March 13 Class Canceled
March 16 - 22 Spring break
March 27 OT Extension [Ishai, Kilian, Nissim, Petrank'03]
Max Zinkus
April 3 Offline-Online MPC - (Authenticated) Garbling Approach [Wang, Ranelluci, Katz'17a]
[Wang, Ranelluci, Katz'17b]
Gabrielle Beck
April 10 PCPs and Succinct Proofs [Kilian'92]
[Gentry, Wichs'10]
Gijs Van Laer
April 17 BulletProofs [Bootle-Cerulli-Chaidos-Groth-Petit'16]
[Bunz- Bootle-Boneh-Poelstra-Wuille-Maxwell'18]
Alishah Chator
April 24 Linear PCPs, QSPs, SSPs and SNARKs [Bitansky, Chiesa, Ishai, Ostrovsky, Paneth'13]
Zhengzhong Jin
May 1 Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning [TBA]Rohit Bhat
Tushar Jois