Research Opportunities and Internships

The opportunity to work side-by-side with top faculty and grad students on groundbreaking research projects is the cornerstone of a Hopkins education.

About 40% of CS undergraduates take advantage of this opportunity, working on projects on our campus, at the nearby medical campus and in other parts of the university, from the Applied Physics Lab to the Peabody Institute.

Some students are paid for this work, while others earn academic credit and still others take on volunteer positions.  (Note: you can either be paid or earn credit, but not both for the same work.)


How to identify research opportunities
  1. Speak to your faculty advisor.
  2. Check with your department for possible opportunities (read emails).
  3. Visit the Faculty page for a list of our faculty and their research interests. There are links to their lab sites where you can view their research in detail. Contact the faculty members of interest by e-mail, phone, or in person and express your interest in their research and that you would like to get involved in their research.
  4. Search the Student Employment website.
  5. Network with upper class students: they can tell you what they have done.
  6. Check out the Summer Research Expeditions.
  7. Check out the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA) program.
  8. Learn about the research interests and projects of WSE faculty members.
  9. Investigate the Johns Hopkins Medicine Summer Internship Programs. (See more below about internships.)
  10. Apply for the Vredenburg Travel Fund.
  11. Explore the vast array of opportunities outside of JHU.  The CRA has a special website dedicated to research resources for undergraduates:


How to register for research

Meet with your faculty research sponsor (this person must be a full-time Homewood faculty member so he or she can submit your grade) to determine the nature of your research and how you will be evaluated.

Complete the Undergraduate Research/Independent Study Form (yellow triplicate form) and have it signed by your faculty sponsor. Submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office. Generally, 40 hours of research work = 1 credit.

Please note: You can earn up to 6 credits for research per academic year, beginning in the summer term, and you are limited to maximum of 3 credits per semester.  However, you can only apply at most 6 (BS) or 3 (BA) credits of CS research towards your CS credit requirements.  If doing Senior Honors Thesis (see below), you may use an extra 3 credits of research.


Special Research Opportunities

The Pistritto Research Fellowship is a competitive application-based program awarding a stipend to a student annually for research in information visualization. A call for applications is sent via email each spring for the following academic year. The fellowship recipient may choose to pursue the research during the summer or during the regular school year, in conjunction with the sponsoring faculty member.

The Senior Honors Thesis Program enables students with CS course GPAs of 3.5 or greater to pursue a full year (6 credits) of research with a faculty member. Interested students must submit a thesis proposal in spring of their junior year. If accepted, they will register for the courses 600.519 and 600.520 during senior year while doing the research. They are required to give a presentation on their work and submit a final thesis report at the end of the spring semester. With departmental faculty approval of the work, the student will then receive the distinction “Departmental Honors with Thesis” on his or her final transcript. Please visit the Senior Thesis webpage at for more details.

Students are encouraged to pursue internships during winter and summer breaks. You will either be paid for the internship, or work under a faculty sponsor for credit. By university policy, at most 1 credit per semester may be earned during an internship.

You should register with the campus Career Development Office in order to stay apprised of campus wide visits and job fairs. You should also sign up for the CS department’s job mailing list:  Recruiting emails for part-time, summer and full employment opportunities are sent there regularly.  Note: It is always the student’s responsibility to apply directly to a company for any internships or jobs that interest him or her. We do not have the authority to place students into any positions.



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