Five Reasons to Study Computer Science at Hopkins

  • Our department is small enough that you can pursue an academic program that suits your interests and flexible enough that you’ll have the freedom to study across disciplines. And all of this will happen under the guidance of faculty who are among the world’s top thinkers in their fields.

    After receiving a balanced and broad foundation in computer science, you can focus your studies on the specific areas that interest you most. Unlike most engineering programs, we offer both a BS and a BA in computer science to facilitate this customization. Many of our students double major and minor in other areas, combining computer science with fields as diverse as entrepreneurship and management, math, economics, robotics, cognitive science, and music.

  • Whether creating new technology artifacts for a course or contemplating the launch of a student-run business, you’ll want like-minded students from diverse backgrounds at your side.

    Students work in collaborative teams in many of our courses, creating bonds that sometimes later form the basis for start-up ventures. Because students will take courses that interest them at different points in their curriculum, these relationships often span class years as well, providing access to a diverse pool of partners.

  • Our undergraduates are active in many interdisciplinary research centers and department labs, where, under faculty mentorship, they work side-by-side with graduate students and contribute to the creation of knowledge.

    Instead of being solely textbook-based, your courses are instead custom-designed by faculty to incorporate their latest research findings. You will thus be introduced to information and techniques before they are released to the outside world. You will be immersed in the theoretical underpinnings of your field, along with its latest applications.

  • Succeeding in the ever-evolving field of computer science requires more than a working knowledge of the discipline. Today’s industry demands well-rounded students who have fundamental problem solving and communication skills to complement their specialized knowledge.

    At Hopkins, we emphasize problem solving and help our students refine their analysis, evaluation, and communication skills‚ teaching them to think on their feet, articulate their ideas, and be persuasive. In short, we teach students how to be professionals.

  • As a freshman, you will take “M&Ms‚” a course in which small groups of students discuss a wide range of computing problems with professors while munching on —  you guessed it — M&M candies! The class sets the tone for our department: serious intellectual discourse leavened with a big dose of fun.

    Additionally, we sponsor four active student groups. If you like exploring new and old computing technologies, you can join the student Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) chapter.  We also have a women’s branch of the ACM, also known as WiCS (Women in Computer Science) where you can get to know other women in the department and participate in specialized activities and mentoring. Through Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), the International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines, you can take part in student outreach and tutoring, and our HopHacks organizers work hard to offer phenomenal hackathons open to all students every semester.

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