Senior Honors Thesis Program

The following details outline the undergraduate departmental “Honors with Thesis” program, commencing in Fall 2003. Students will only receive the “Honors with Thesis” designation if the faculty vote to accept their thesis after successful completion of the steps outlined below. [Note that general departmental honors are awarded to all graduating majors who earn a GPA of 3.5 or above in their computer science courses.]


  • Students must be Computer Science majors, with at least a 3.5 GPA in computer science courses after spring of junior year.
  • Students must submit a thesis proposal in the spring of junior year to the faculty member with whom they intend to work. The proposals must have signed faculty acceptances before thesis course registration; copies will be held by the department administrator.
  • Students will sign up for two 3-credit courses (601.519-520) while doing the thesis work, one per semester.
  • Progress checkpoints will be administered by individual faculty supervisors.
  • A first draft of the written thesis must be completed by May 1st.
  • An oral presentation of the thesis work, open to all, must be held before the spring semester exam period.
  • A subcommittee of the CS faculty will decide whether to accept each thesis for honors. (Ie, successful completion of the agreed upon work does guarantee credits, but does not guarantee the honors with thesis designation).
  • A final written thesis must be submitted to the department by May 15th.
  • BS students may count at most 3 additional independent type credits towards their CS credit requirements. (BA students can only count 6 total independent credits, including senior thesis.)
  • If a student would like to submit the thesis to the MSE Library (not required), the thesis advisor or department will pay for the binding.
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