CS Minor

The Computer Science Minor is intended to provide students with a core foundation, as well as an opportunity to focus their advanced courses in a particular area.  The Director of Undergraduate Studies advises all the CS minors.  Students should declare as soon as they begin studies in the department.  Students should also consult the undergraduate advising manual for more information about the department and undergraduate life in general.

All courses applied toward the minor requirements must be taken for a grade (not S/U) and receive at least a C- grade.

Core Courses

Student must take at least 4 core courses to get a solid foundation in the field, for a total of 14 credits:

  • 500.112 Gateway Computing or 600.107/601.107 Intro Programming in Java (or AP credit or equivalent) – 3 credits
  • 600.120/601.220 Intermediate Programming – 4 credits
  • 600.226/601.226 Data Structures – 4 credits
  • At least one of:
    • 600.233/601.229 Computer System Fundamentals (600.120/601.220 is pre-req, this course is a pre-req for some systems upper level courses)
    • 600.271/601.231 Automata and Computation Theory (550.171/553.171 is a pre-req, this course is a pre-req for some analysis upper level courses)

Although not explicitly required, EN.553.171 Discrete Math is also strongly recommended for CS minors but does not count towards the minor requirements.

Upper Level Courses

Students must take at least 3 upper level (600/601.3xx or above) Computer Science courses, each worth at least 3 credits. These must be chosen in consultation with your minor advisor to form a cohesive program of study. One way to achieve this is to choose all three courses within only one or two area classifications. Prior to July 2019 these were Anaylsis, Systems, and Applications. As of July 2019 courses have one of five designators instead: Theory, Systems, Applications, Software, Reasoning. Please consult the complete list of upper level courses with both old and new area designators posted on the department website.

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