50 Year Career in Computer Science

Jon Weston, Solution Architecture for CACI

The objective of the seminar is to impart lessons learned and some future computer science and information technology thinking regarding my and your computer science careers. Beginning with the very early days of programming in BASIC and assembly language, best practices and success concepts have appeared repeatedly including; “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, “Be prepared”, and “Embrace and Manage Change”. Examples and stories are used to highlight these and other useful skill sets.

Speaker Biography

Jon Weston, BS Business Administration, JHU 1968, is currently the Vice President of Solution Architecture for CACI. Over the last 50 years he has been a computer programmer, instructor, system engineer, director of operations, enterprise architect, product planner/marketing manager, project manager and author/lecturer. During the last 25 years, he has been the system engineer/solution architect at CACI, a 19,000 person computer consulting company. He has designed and built operating system capabilities; designed, developed and delivered computer systems (infrastructure and applications) for business systems, intelligence systems, logistics, process control, networks and products for industry and government. Along the way he has developed and implemented successful software development and systems/services delivery lifecycle methodologies and procedures used across a wide array of customer environments and disciplines including planning, development, integration, operations and maintenance, cyber security, benchmarking, predictive analytics and full program modeling/estimating. He also has been a lacrosse player and coach including his current position as assistant lacrosse coach at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas