Computing on Private Data

Abhishek Jain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University
Host: Avi Rubin

Today, end users generate large volumes of private data, some of which may be stored on the cloud in an encrypted form. The need to perform computation on this data to extract meaningful information has become ubiquitous.

The following fundamental questions arise in this setting: Can the cloud compute on the encrypted data of multiple users without knowing their secret keys? What functions can be computed in this manner? What if the users are mutually distrustful?

My research provides the first positive resolution of these questions. In this talk I will describe these new results and my other interests.

Speaker Biography

Abhishek Jain is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Cryptography and Information Security Group at MIT CSAIL and Boston University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UCLA in 2012 where he was the recipient of the Symantec Outstanding Graduate Student Research award. Abhishek’s research interests are in cryptography and security, and related areas of theoretical computer science.