Microwave Surgical Device for as the third medical energy devices

Tohru Tani, Shiga University of Medical Science

For the last decade, a various kinds of energy (ultrasonic and radiofrequency) surgical devices have been developed, and they have supported the progression of less-invasive surgery. However, majority surgeons are not satisfied with these devices, because that the capability of vessel sealing is not adequate to perform various surgical procedures with one device. We have originally invented new energy devices using microwave energy for sealing and cutting of vessels as well as solid organs, and brought all surgical procedures into completion with only one device. In future, microwave surgical devices may be applied to all kinds of less-invasive and robotic surgery. In this talk, I would like to present a mechanism of microwave heating for live tissue and applications to less-invasive surgery.

Speaker Biography

Tohru Tani is Professor and Chairman of department of surgery, Adviser of President and Director of Biomedical Innovation Center, Shiga University of Medical Science. His research interests are Cancer therapy for digestive organs, Artificial Organs, MR Image Guided Therapy and Robotic Surgery.