AODV - a routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks.

Charles Perkins, Nokia Research

The IETF working group on mobile ad-hoc networks [manet] has attempted to standarize routing protocols to support the formation and maintenance of communications in ad hoc networks. This is particularly challenging, due to the rapid changes in topology caused by broken links which then require repair during the course of a single application. Strategies and new techniques for overcoming routing problems will be described in this tutorial. In particular, I will go into depth to explain the details for AODV (RFC 3561), an on-demand, distance vector routing protocol for ad hoc networks. Differences between some of the leading candidates for standardization will be described, so that members of the audience will gain an appreciation for the breadth of research in the topic area.

After discussion of routing techniques for disconnected ad hoc networks, I will then describe more recent results for connecting ad hoc networks to the Internet, and mention some post-Experimental protocol modifications to AODV that are in progress for imminent publication.

Speaker Biography

Charles E. Perkins is a Nokia Fellow in the Communication Systems Laboratory at Nokia Research Center, investigating mobile wireless networking and dynamic configuration protocols. He is the editor for several ACM and IEEE journals for areas related to wireless networking. He is serving as document editor for the mobile-IP working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and is author or co-author of standards-track documents in the mobileip, manet, IPv6, and seamoby (Seamless Mobility) working groups. Charles has served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the IETF and on various committees for the National Research Council. He is also associate editor for Mobile Communications and Computing Review, the official publication of ACM SIGMOBILE, and has served on the editorial staff for IEEE Internet Computing magazine. Charles has authored and edited books on Mobile IP and Ad Hoc Networking, and has published a number of papers and award winning articles in the areas of mobile networking, ad-hoc networking, route optimization for mobile networking, resource discovery, and automatic configuration for mobile computers. See for further details.