Research Submissions, and Collaborations

Hopefully these items will help expedite the process:

  • Identify the funding opportunity using GovNSF.GOVLimited Submissions,  etc.
  • Use the Departmental Submission Matrix to  ensure you have a smooth submission process.
  • If you know who your collaborators are click here and complete the PDF to notify your Analyst.
  • If you are still working out some kinks, click here and complete the document or copy and paste as much information as possible into an email per number 2 above.
  • Does your submission have a subrecipient? Click here
  • Here is a guide for weird terms, issues and requirements
  • Official information for your proposal cover pages and forms Click here
  • What type of proposal is this? Click here
  • Need help with Data Management ? Click here
  • Who is JHURA and what do they do? Click here
  • Templates for various documents coming soon. Please contact meanwhile if you need help.
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