CS Faculty Search - FAQ

Do you intend to hire multiple candidates this year?

Yes! Our main tenure track faculty search is looking for candidates in two tracks: (1) HCI and (2) an open search across all areas of computer science. Additionally, the link lists other searches that are not tied to a specific departments: they will hire the best candidate regardless of department. For example, the Johns Hopkins Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS) is hiring in ML! https://www.minds.jhu.edu/job-openings/ Computer Science is very relevant to this area, and so excellent candidates considered in this search may receive CS offers.

I'm a good fit for multiple searches. Do I need to apply to each one?

You should apply to as many searches as are relevant to your interests. However, you only need a single application to apply to both tracks of the main CS search.

When will I hear back about my application?

Our faculty search follows the typical US engineering hiring schedule. The deadline is in mid-December, and interview invitations start to go out in mid-January (though they continue to go out for several weeks). Interviews take place from February to April, with offers expected April to May, sometimes early June. The search is concluded when we hear back from candidates for each offer. We then conclude the search and notify remaining applicants that they will not receive an offer.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?