Wei Shen


Research Interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Biomedical Image Analysis

Wei Shen received his B.S. and Ph.D. degree both in Electronics and Information Engineering from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China, in 2007 and in 2012. From April 2011 to November 2011, he worked in Microsoft Research Asia as an intern. In 2012, he joined the School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University and served as an assistant and associate professor until Oct 2018. In 2016, he started his visit at the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, hosted by Prof. Alan Yuille. He is currently an Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications in machine learning and computer vision related areas, including IEEE Trans. PAMI, IEEE Trans. Image Processing, NIPS, ICML, ICCV, CVPR and ECCV.


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