Ask CS: Visitor Resources


  • We encourage you to take advantage of local attractions while on the East Coast.

    • The Homewood Campus is conveniently located close to many tourist attractions and is a bus ride away from downtown Baltimore.
    • There is a variety of free national museums with different specializations from architecture and engineering to space exploration to natural histories.
    • And the nation’s capital is only a short train ride away.
    • Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Undergraduates, the University has created a page just for you! Click here for all the information you need regarding arranging a visit click here to see campus life through our student’s eyes. For department specific information visit:

    PhD Candidates, every year our faculty send out invitations to some of the brightest minds to visit our campus for a special recruitment event! We hope you will choose JHU as the next stepping stone in your training and education. When you accept this invitation please make sure your host or the Academic Administrator gives you instructions about lodging. Visit JHU accounts payable for more information on how to submit your request. Non-Employees are described here.

    Seminar Speakers and Faculty Candidates will receive instructions regarding lodging and the reimbursement of other expenses as applicable. Please contact your host or our Administrative Coordinator if you have questions or need more information.

    All visitors  might want to check out these resources. For instance if you need directions to our campus, click here. Malone Hall is located to the right of Mason Hall when facing the building from Wyman Park Drive. You can also see our location on the cool interactive map or do a virtual tour of the campus!

    There are many hotels near our campus, to see a list click here.

    Free parking and meters are limited around the campus; however, there is garage parking and you can view the University Parking Rates when you  click here.

    The South Garage has the closest proximity to Malone Hall.

    Learn about Baltimore and  HOPKINS via video and more! Here are some links you may find useful :

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