Ask CS: Travel and Non-Travel Reimbursement

From time to time the need may arise for Faculty, Students, or Staff to travel to conduct business which furthers the mission of JHU. This may be for training, attending conferences, collaboration, etc. In order to assist the University with conforming to federal regulations and guidelines, it is important that travelers adhere to the following information.

    • Keep all itemized receipts and proof of payment
    • Keep track of  participants when hosting business meals or events
    • Turn in receipts ASAP after expense is incurred or TRIP is completed. Reimbursements not PROCESSED within 90 days of receipt date are not eligible for reimbursement via our TRIP system
    • Consult with our team prior to travel to make sure there is funding and that the expense is allowable especially if on a grant


    To obtain the lowest rates and ensure that you are properly reimbursed for JHU Business Travel, as well as to make sure the University can assist during emergencies please utilize the following resources:

    • Tools, Per Diem, Fly America Act, etc

    • Booking Travel via CONCUR

    Please use this form for Non-Travel Reimbursement Form related expenses and use the Travel Reimbursement Form for related expenses.

    PDF all receipts and number to correspond to the expense numbers on the reimbursement form.

    Email reimbursement form and PDF of all receipts to

    Original receipts  which were not initially transmitted or received electronically should be handed in to staff if expense is paid from grant or item is in excess of $75.

  • The International Travel Registry provides an easy-to-use way for those traveling internationally on university-related business to register their travel plans.

    In partnership with International SOS, registered travelers will receive assistance with pre-travel preparations, including notifications about the destination country, risks, and prevention measures.

    Be sure to create your own Travel Profile so staff can contact and support you in the event that there is a natural disaster, political unrest or other emergency situation in locations where you travel.

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