Speaker Information for EMNLP-CoNLL 2007

When is my talk?

See the program.

How long do I have?

20 minutes for the talk, plus 5 minutes for questions.

(Exception: The CoNLL Shared Task talks (sessions 12a and 13a) have only 12 minutes for the talk + 3 for questions.)

There is no time allocated for switching rooms. Any audience members who wish to move in the middle of a session will have to exit quietly before the end of the question period.

What equipment is available? How do I set up?

Full details about equipment are here.

To keep things moving smoothly, the local organizers recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session and transfer your presentation to their laptop. An organizer with a USB flash disk will help you. After transferring your presentation, check that it will work flawlessly on their laptop. It should -- but if you're not satisfied that it will, then go ahead and try using your own laptop.

(Note: If you have a Mac and rely on its dual-screen feature for presentations, you should use your own laptop.)

If you are using your own laptop, please set it up before the session starts, bringing up your first slide on the large screen. If you are not the first talk, unplug the projector cable from your laptop. Then plug the cable back in just before the start of your talk, for a quick and seamless start.

The organizer will also provide you with a wireless clip microphone and a laser pointer, and handle any A/V problems that may arise.

Who is chairing my session?

Session chairs are now listed here. Please arrive early for your session to set up your slides and introduce yourself to the session chair. The session chair will help in the following ways:

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