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XVision is available for noncommercial use here. If you actively use or extend the package, please send a note to CIPS since we like to keep a list of users. This helps us to justify the effort in releasing developed software, and lets us update you on future releases. It is also useful for us to know who is doing what with xvision, so that we can collaborate with others to extend the xvision package.

Software Release Notes

     -Version 2.0-lite (released 01/18/02)-

The latest Version is adapted to the new Linux architecture and it should compile on 2.4.x systems (see INSTALL file in the distribution). It includes Ieee1394 extension for Firewire Digital Cameras (not camcorders) now.

     -Version 1.3a (released 12/10/97)-

This version is currently being used at Yale on a PC running Linux, two SGI machines running Irix, and numerous Sun Sparcstations running Solaris 2.x. It includes more bug fixes, a number of test programs, and a templated class for image storage. The test programs demonstrate functional Line, Corner, Blob, and SSD tracking. Contour tracking is not demonstrated, although it was working at a previous point in time. NT users: we are in the process of porting this release to the NT operating system, so check back soon.

     -Version 1.2b (released 1/24/97)-

This is an update of an "unofficial" release, 1.2a. The differences between the latter and the former are mostly small bug fixes, a variety of cleanups, and some additional device support including MPEG and Sun Camera. The major differences over 1.02b are the following:

     -Version 1.02b (released 10/95)-

Tracking.1.02b.tar.Z(300kb) was released in October, 1995. It has been successfully compiled and executed on Sun Sparcstations running SunOS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.x. and on SGI Indigos running IRIX 5.3. The documentation might help a little, but is out of date. Though nominally still a beta version, Tracking.1.02b should be less buggy than the older version, Tracking.1.00a.tar.Z(1.0Mb).

The most recent
paper documenting the XVision package is out of date, but might help you get started. We are also buliding HTML documentation which you can view online. Keep checking in for improvements.

Demo Programs
There are currently seven demonstration programs which are included with the full software release. Commented source code for these programs can be viewed online, and precompiled binaries can be downloaded

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