XVision Development Projects


The Yale group used to do all of the coding for XVision. These days,
it's just no longer possible to keep everything up to date and consistent.
The projects given below are a list of things that we would like or should
do. Given time, we may get them done, but we'd be happy to let someone
else do it. Just send your code back to us!

Internal Changes and Improvements

     -XWindows cleanup-

The XWindow code used for display is embarrassingly rudimenary. We could use a clean class that supports:
  • Gray scale plus 8,16, and 24 bit color seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Makes it easy to use the class(es) to perform interactive initialization.
  • Uses shared memory when it can to be efficient.
The current code does the first and last to some degree; interactive initialization supported to a limited degree.

     -Improved color support-

The support for color is rudimentary and could be thought out in more detail.

     -Image vs. XVImage-

Image is the old integer-based image class; XVImage is a new templated version. Some of the functionality of the former needs to be replicated in the latter, and then the appropriate tweaks made to define Image as XVImage.

     -Matrices and Images-

Matrices and Images should share more functionality - a.k.a should be based on a common base class for storage management and base functionality.

     -Video support-

The base-level video control could be enhanced to allow for going forward and backware in sequences, and more device control. In particular, we need to support synchronous or time-stamped operation.


The idea behind XVision is that people will develop their own idea about tracking within the XVision framework, and send their results back to us. So, feel free to add new packages or improve to ones that are there. Here is a quick rundown of where things are at.


The blob package should be improved to make it easy to include other types of segmentation criteria, and various commonly used methods (e.g. color histograms, second order criteria, and so forth) should be implemented. Connected components methods need to be implemented.


I gather people have tried to port XVision to MacOS, but to date, I have not heard of any successes. Some of our collaborators have successfully ported an older version of XVision to Windows NT, and we are now trying to integrate their work into the next release of the package.

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