Apple loses copyright battle against security start-up Corellium, CS’s Matt Green, The Washington Post

January 5, 2021

Matthew Green, an associate professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, said much of the security research happening on iOS is done by entities that are well-funded and have the time and resources to get around Apple’s restrictions. “Those people tend not to be the good guys,” he said, referring to shadowy companies that sell cyberweapons to the highest bidder. He said tools such as Corellium “are what lowers the bar and allows smaller companies and potentially good guys to get into Apple product so they can do their work. Green pointed to nonprofits such as Citizen Lab, which aids journalists and others targeted by such groups. Citizen Lab recently uncovered a suspected attack on iPhones belonging to Al Jazeera journalists. Green said he was happy that Corellium defeated Apple’s copyright claim because copyright law, he said, can be used by large companies to “stifle” security research.

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