New Teaching Faculty Join Computer Science Department

September 5, 2019
David Hovemeyer image

David Hovemeyer

Ali Madooei image

Ali Madooei

This fall, two new teaching faculty will join the Department of Computer Science: David Hovemeyer, associate teaching professor, and Ali Madooei, lecturer.

Hovemeyer earned his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining Hopkins, Hovemeyer taught at Vassar College and York College of Pennsylvania. His research interests include static analysis, systems software, and computer science education. He will be teaching the Computer Systems Fundamentals and Intermediate Programming Courses.

When he’s not teaching, Hovemeyer enjoys tinkering with vintage digital hardware from the 70’s. “These are the CPU’s and memory devices, the low level components of computer hardware that in a past life would have been known as state of the art. I like building new hardware out of these obsolete devices,” says Hovemeyer.

A recent transplant from Vancouver, Canada, Madooei sought out the chance to change his career focus from research to teaching; Hopkins presented this opportunity. Madooei is focused on course development and research in education. He is passionate about teaching and exploiting pedagogical techniques to promote active learning, with a specific interest in how technology enables blended learning. He will be teaching the department’s Data Structure course.

In the near future, Madooei wants to develop the platform, Code Review, a peer-to-peer application that assists with students evaluating one another’s code. “There is anecdotal evidence to believe code review helps novice programmers write ‘better’ code,” says Madooei. “Engaging in a review process allows higher-order thinking. It also gives the student a taste of what a software developer job involves which they may not have any exposure to otherwise.”

Prior to joining Hopkins, Madooei taught at the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. He earned his doctorate in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. As a graduate student, Madooei’s research spanned the areas of computer vision, especially in application to medical image analysis.

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