Pain-Free Course Registration

June 3, 2019


Kristin Yim (Image: Will Kirk / Homewood Photography) ranks among the most impressive student-driven successes at Johns Hopkins in recent decades. Co-founded by computer science student Noah Presler ’17 in October 2015, the innovative course scheduling platform has taken root at Johns Hopkins and at other universities in North America.

The platform aims to streamline the difficult process of course selection with an eye to students’ needs. Using, students can configure a conflict-free schedule electronically, including on their mobile device. The database also pulls in information on course ratings and evaluations.

Kristin Yim, a third-year student in the Department of Computer Science at the Whiting School, is among those working on the open-source platform to sustain that success. She and the team are adding new features (including the use of machine learning to suggest classes) and forging key relationships with faculty members and administrators to build on the platform’s value.

Read more in the 2019 spring edition of the JHU Engineering Magazine.

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