Medical robotics pioneer Russell H. Taylor to receive 2015 Honda Prize

September 29, 2015

Russell H. Taylor, a Whiting School of Engineering professor who is widely hailed as the father of medical robotics, has been selected to receive the 2015 Honda Prize. The selection was announced Sept. 28 by the Honda Foundation, which initiated this honor in 1980 as Japan’s first international science and technology award.

The Honda Foundation, based in Tokyo, was established by Honda Motor founder Soichiro Honda and his younger brother, Benjiro Honda. The foundation is currently headed by Hirito Ishida.

Taylor was chosen as the 36th recipient of the Honda Prize for his crucial role in the early development of medical robotics technology, for his mentoring of students and other researchers in the field, and for his continuing contributions as a leader in this science and technology area. The prize will be presented at a ceremony in Tokyo on Nov. 17. Along with the prize medal and a diploma, the newest laureate will be awarded 10 million yen (approximately $83,000).



“Frankly, I am still in a bit of a daze to be receiving the Honda Prize,” Taylor says. “Some previous awardees include Benoit Mandelbrot, Raj Reddy, and Carl Sagan, among others. The whole list is impressive, and I don’t know whether to feel humble or proud to be added to such a list. This is truly a great honor.”

Excerpted from The Hub. Read the complete story here.

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