CS Summer Research Expeditions Program Provides Mentorships for Undergraduates

August 6, 2015

The Summer Research Expeditions Program (SRE) 2015 concluded on July 31st. Ten students participated in the program hosted by CS. The students were mentored by Drs. Raman Arora, Alexis Battle, Benjamin Van Durme, Suchi Saria, Scott Smith and David Yarowsky.SRE Students and CSMR REU Students at NASA

Lee Tarlin from Swarthmore College won the first place in the final presentations that took place on July 31st. Tarlin worked with David Yarowsky on the project, “Crowdsourced Data Validation Using Amazon Mechanical Turk.” Zachary Barnes from University of Pittsburg won second place. He was mentored by Suchi Saria on the project, “A Clinical Tool for Individualized Patient Prognosis.” Other students who participated in the program included Kumar Krishna Agarwal (Indian Institute of Technology), Mayank Singh (Indian Institute of Technology), Teodor Marinov (University of Edinburgh) Misha Belisle (Rochester Institute of Technology), John Hewitt (University of Pennsylvania), Timothy Chang (University of Notre Dame), Farhan Damani (Johns Hopkins University) and Amy He (Johns Hopkins University.)

The students spent 10 weeks working on a research project. As part of the program, the students visited NASA Goddard, Infinite Biomedical Technologies, participated in a class that developed their technical presentation skills and also presented posters at the Homewood Summer Undergraduate Research Forum. The program has been steadily growing and attracting students from different countries. To learn more about the program, please visit https://www.cs.jhu.edu/sre/

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