CS Alum Releases Video Game

April 10, 2015

Arthur Danskin, CS ’09, has released Reassembly on Steam, a game in which players build spaceships from basic geometric shapes in a manner reminiscent of “LEGO bricks,” then fly them around to explore, gather resources, and conquer new sectors of the galaxy from other factions. Various factions receive different components from which to build, so each has unique constraints on the spaceships they can create. Players can amass entire fleets of ships which can be sent through “wormholes” to make them appear in other player’s games as custom opponents.


Danskin started at Johns Hopkins in 2005 as a Materials Science & Engineering major. After taking CS 600.102: Foundations of Computer Science with Dr. Peter Fröhlich, he switched his major to Computer Science. His final project for that course was Triplex Invaders, an OpenGL-based space-shooter game with psychedelic particle effects. In 2009 he developed the alien-themed action-RPG Octopus in collaboration with students from JHU and MICA as part of 600.355: Video Game Design Project. After graduating, Arthur worked at NVIDIA as an Architect and Software Engineer. The work on Reassembly began in March 2013 when he founded Anisoptera Games. In October 2014, Arthur ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $35k to finalize and launch the game.

Arthur has generously donated several copies of Reassembly to the JHU ACM, a student organization of which he was a member. In the spirit of sharing he also released parts of the source code to Reassembly on github at https://github.com/manylegged/outlaws-core.

Reassembly is currently ranked “Very Positive” on Steam, meaning that 97% of more than 375 reviewers have a positive opinion of the game. The Reassembly Wikipedia page links to additional reviews online.



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