For Baltimore first-graders, learning computer coding basics is elementary

December 15, 2014

They may just be learning how to read and do basic math, but the 27 first-graders in Amy Wood’s class at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School took to a lesson in computer coding like the proverbial ducks to water.

“I get it! I know how to do all of this!” shouted one little girl, leaping out of her seat with such excitement that her ponytail swung like a pendulum.

Hour of Code, Roland Park Elementary SchoolThe lesson, taught by four Johns Hopkins University computer science majors and their professor, was part of last week’s international “Hour of Code” event aimed at celebrating Computer Science Education Week (which ran from Dec. 8 through Dec. 14) by introducing people of all ages and walks of life to computer science.

“The purpose of ‘Hour of Code’ is to increase awareness of computer science and show people that computer science and coding is not just for certain people: it’s for people of all ages and all grade levels, including first-grade,” said Sara Miner More, associate teaching professor in the Department of Computer Science at the university’s Whiting School of Engineering.

Excerpted from The Hub. Read the complete story here.

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